Live Performances
Whether you have a casual gathering, formal event, an outdoor cocktail party, or black tie reception, the Summer Swing Orchestra caters to your musical needs.
Fun and Dancing
Enjoying an evening of dancing means fun! But an evening of dancing with live music means more fun and more memories.
Memorable Events
Making a memory is the purpose of event planning. Live music creates unforgettable memories. Great live music, and great event memories go hand-in- hand.
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Planning Your Event

A Simple Process for a Great Event

Big Band Playing at Event

Swing into any Season of the Year with the Orchestra that Plays Year Round

Live music transforms an event into an unforgettable experience. Finding a live band with the right sound can be stressful. We can turn the stress into success. Performing music ranging from the 1930’s to modern hits and everything in between, the eighteen-piece orchestra can be configured into smaller ensembles for virtually any event or size. If you love it, we will play it! Instead of stressing over finding the right band, begin planning your customized playlist with the Summer Swing Orchestra.

Music Styles And Flavors

Nothing calls for style and flavor more than good music and dancing. Music brings out the artist in everyone. The Summer Swing Orchestra works to play music you’ll love, with a flavor you’ll enjoy. Performing a wide-range of music featuring Count Basie, the 1930’s, Pop, Jazz and contemporary – we work with you to develop a playlist matching your preferred style and flavor. Your playlist can include selections from classic sounds to modern hits. Catering to your musical needs is the specialty of the Summer Swing Orchestra.

Future Events